The School

Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心 is an esoteric school of Shaolin Martial Arts. The written characters 戦士心 mean “Warrior Heart” in the Chinese language. 

Mandarin Dialect: Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心
Cantonese Dialect: Jin Si Sum 戦士心



The Art

Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心 continues to preserve the Shaolin Arts as originally taught by the Monk Hui Jiao Fa Shi 慧覺法師 in the 18th Century. Our heritage has strong emphasis on Luohan Quan but also includes the "Old Way" of Dragon,Tiger, Snake and Crane skills. 

As per Shaolin history and tradition, our exponents practice the "Three Treasures" of Shaolin :-

  • Chan - Zen Spiritual Practice,
  • Wu - Martial Arts Practice,
  • Yi - Medicine and health practice.